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The FORCE Biomedical is a professional & non-profit organization registered under the Telangana Societies Registration Act, 2001. It emerging as one of the largest membership holding organization for individuals involved in the area of Biomedical Engineering and related areas from Public and Private sector organizations & enterprises. Established to unite the world-wide Biomedical Engineers on hands of technology, innovations, knowledge share and interactions for the growth of Biomedical engineering community. The Organization provides platform to the members to meet and discuss issues of mutual interests with professionals in the field of Biomedical Engineering and related areas. The objective of the Organization is to promote the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of Biomedical Engineering as well as elevation of the Biomedical profession.


FORCE Biomedical is one of the voluntary services provider for Biomedical Engineering development,  which is involved in developing a biomedical engineering career, discussing the standards of professional conduct, guidance for biomedical engineering professionals and promoting the job services by impartiality, supporting and initiating the State Biomedical Association’s and to conduct technical seminars under associations for biomedical professionals, students and improving national and international co-operation to combat for recognition and importance of Biomedical Industry and  Biomedical Profession in corporate and non-corporate Hospitals in India and abroad. It is vision to be one of the best Autonomous Organization in the conduct of Biomedical Field and its associated matters and to operate as a voluntary service individually.


The FORCE Biomedical is an Organization whose mission is to serve Biomedical Engineering community and industry in global and to promote biomedical engineers, associations / organizations of state, national and international, strengthen and encourage the biomedical technology, related field and profession in government and  non-governmental sectors as a whole to increase public understanding role of the government and  non-governmental community, and provide the mechanism and support needed for biomedical engineers to connect, partner / member, share of technical knowledge, inspire, and multiply their contributions of technical knowledge in solving technical issues in biomedical technology’s basic problems and industry.


  • To provide voluntary services by effective, fair, impartial and efficient ways to Biomedical Engineering and related areas.
  • To unite world-wide BioMedical Engineer’s/professionals into/ from the advancing World Medical Health Technology, as well as well-being at updation about biomedical technology to all levels – individual, family, state, national, and international.
  • To hold /organize technical meetings, workshops, exhibitions, seminars, educational programs, career development activities and conferences on the Biomedical Engineering or related areas; by individual or in collaboration with Government of India/ State Governments/ Non-Governmental Organizations / Institution, and collaboration with foreign bodies, educational and research institutes.
  • To promote high standards and principles in the administration of BioMedical Engineering Department Services including procedures to guard against or address inappropriate conduct, in support of the BioMedical Engineer’s.
  • To create, guide, maintain, support and grant affiliation to organizations, institutions, technical centers, societies, research centers, libraries and student bodies for working in the field of Biomedical Engineering.
  • To serve as a forum where engineers, scientists, technologists and innovators in biomedical engineering field and can exchange ideas and learn from each other from their experience.
  • To promote trainings on BioMedical Engineering Technology, standards and procedures to assist and educate fresh Biomedical Engineers and Biomedical students.
  • To co-operate, co-ordinate and work with other organizations, associations, societies, foundations, institutions and etc., both in India and abroad to provide services on mutual agreed terms and conditions towards the advancement of Biomedical Engineering and other related areas.


The journey of FORCE Biomedical was started by Mr. Nitturi Naresh, who started forming a group to share the knowledge and welcomed a team of few people in various social networking platforms. Following the response and the need for the growth the group Mr. Nitturi worked hard and created similar level of groups in wide range of social communication platforms.

We need FORCE to overcome the repulsion, we need a FORCE to combat enemies, a FORCE is needed to add a strength to the task, an army is called a FORCE. added with confidence and inspired with the attitude of strength and combat for biomedical engineering field, we are passionate to name our team as FORCE Biomedical. The word of ‘FORCE’ is derived with inspiration from the Army Force, who works for the lives of their country and security. Similarly, FORCE Biomedical is working for Biomedical Engineer’s career, security for future engineers and to get all Biomedical professionals into one platform from India and various countries.

Ms Sneha Jasu

Augmenting to the FORCE Biomedical Social Networking platforms, it is felt that, in the current period of technology and communications a website is also a best platform to reach the maximum number of people across the world. In this way of idea, few volunteers who came forward, from DBNCOET led by Mr. Abhishek Vaidya, for design and to operate the FROCE Biomedical website. Earlier Mr. Abhishek was managing BRAIN Biomedical website.

Soon after the website is brought forward, it is planned for providing the large extent of information in Biomedical Engineering domain and to encourage, hand shake and to support all the Biomedical engineering community. Enriching the experiences, it led to approach more professional and to address, Majority of areas for Biomedical Engineers, Students, Scholar’s, Academicians, Scientists’ and respective Biomedical domains.

The FORCE Biomedical is now registered under Telangana Societies Registration Act, 2001, as a NGO group which ready to serve as a helping hand for the Biomedical Engineering community with all its one of the best principles and objectives.

About BRAIN Biomedical

BRAIN Biomedical Logo
Designed by Mr. Sanket More

Biomedical Research Association Inventors Network (BRAIN Biomedical) was a club founded by the department of biomedical engineering Dr. Bhausaheb Nandurkar College of Engineering and Eechnology (DBNCOET), Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India. It opening was done in 2008 by the BME students of the department. The name BRAIN was given by the BME students Atul Bhujade, Mohhamad Hammid Siddiqui and Aniket Jadhao. The main intention of the club is to carry all the different types of BME activities and be in touch with upcoming information Research. Mr. Abhishek Vaidya, was President of Brain Biomedical Club for the session of 2016 -17.

FORCE Biomedical Network

The FORCE BIOMEDICAL is largest community for Biomedical Engineering. It has Volunteers from various categories of Biomedical Engineering like Academicians, Researchers & Students, contributing to this Community to make a transformation in the Biomedical Engineering Profession. The team share continues updates, information, and descriptions in areas of Biomedical Engineering and related areas, such as Latest Technologies, Lecture Series, Educational Messages, Job Advertisements and etc. These updates are shared to all BMEs via different social platforms by which Force Biomedical is connected.

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