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Like how, we learn alphabets as A for Apple and B for Ball etc, In terms of development, India will always be a developing country. No one knows when we will shift our turn to a developed country and who will enjoy the fruits of it in the next generations. Resembling to the above analogy is also a field of Biomedical Engineering in India. It is Obsessed in grown and stalled in development due to various factors and mixed implementations. It is seen that the role and the practice of Biomedical Engineering is in adverse day by day.

In India analysis & statistics says that there are more than 2500 government general hospitals, district, area and community health centres and 16,000 private hospitals, where healthcare is delivered from medium to higher stage. Biomedical Devices also play a major role in subject recovery but it seems that a Biomedical Engineer cannot play a role even to maintain a Medical equipment in those hospitals.

A Biomedical Engineering is a Bridge between subject and healthcare professionals for easy, quality and for best way of health care delivery in the healthcare system. This profession of Biomedical Engineering is always interrelated in medical procedures and process for better understanding, delivering, supporting and treating a subject. Now days, it is playing a major role for best quality health care system.

In terms of Healthcare evaluation, when healthcare organizations and government healthcare sector consider the ratio of patients to doctors in Healthcare delivery, Perhaps, In the same healthcare system, It should also notice the ratio of Number of Biomedical engineers to the number of beds capacity in hospitals which is always totally disproportionation.
Government view and lack of awareness among healthcare management people, is allowing to substitute the role of Biomedical Engineering with other fields and is completely making the profession of BME to a stage of threat. A strong enforcement is also in lack to provide proper guidelines to the government and companies, hospitals to comply Biomedical Standards.

It is believed that most of the hospitals doesn’t recognized the importance of Biomedical Engineer, because the management or higher authorities don’t prioritize the profession and duties of what Biomedical Engineer’s will perform. In most organizations, management believes themselves as they are start up’s or at initial state of growth and would like to abate Biomedical Engineering employee on payless base. Though it is accepting fact but most of the trend are with same phase and practicing them with same low pays for many years after their profits as well.

The performing role of existing Biomedical Engineers in the industry is also equally important to create an impression and fore thought for our future BME’s. The marks and malpractices implemented and being implementing by the existing staff in Biomedical field are also considerably notifying factors that are degrading the values of BME’s. Lack of transparency and the existing business monopoly, The Big local players, and large Entrepreneurs have laid typical impressions, on the potential field and biasing the business for the individual benefits.

We are lack of root level studies and professional level Biomedical standards implementation in the country, where students and professionals are not tuned to learn in a proper way. A learner either might be a student or a professional should but first should make themselves to be focused to learn in through and clear way that, they should be able to handle things in standard and trusted way of implementations. This can be happened only when there is an interesting teaching, laboratory, importantly the student attitude and focus towards the subject.

There is also a need to transform our labour laws and medical commissions for Decent wages and pay scale in Biomedical engineering Domain. There should also be standard common operating procedures that are needed to be implemented during work and profession in BME sectors similar to that of NHSRC.

Let us first start educating ourselves as what we are? and where we are? and should start finding for our next level of Biomedical Engineering sector.