Biomedical Engineering in Jordan

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Biomedical Engineering is one of the most challengeable and technological fields in our present time. It had the connection between the human body and electromechanical devices. In Jordan, before 1990 many of Jordanian students with special distinction got scholarships from many Europe countries specially in UK to study Biomedical Engineering. They came back to Jordan and they had many difficulties to find the appropriate jobs. But who studies the challengeable field he should challenge and improve the reality of the work in his land. They approved the need of their existence so the job developed but it was only limited as watchers for the biomedical devices in hospitals.

There are only three universities provides the Bachelor course in Biomedical Engineering and one provides the rehabilitation that consists one of BME fields. These universities with the start of the period related to BME can be presented as follow: In 1998, the born of biomedical engineering as a Bachelor degree provided by Jordan University of Science and Technology. But in 1999, the University of Jordan established the rehabilitation college which provides parts of biomedical engineering such as the Bachelor degree in artificial limbs. In 2000, Amman Al-Ahliyya Universityintroduced the Bachelor of biomedical engineering while in 2005 the German Jordanian University presented the Bachelor degree of biomedical engineering.

Until now the biomedical engineer cannot have the best training and employment in Jordan. But there is some companies established to train the BME’s for the maintenance of biomedical devices related to hospitals.

Author: Nour Abdel Latif Sanouree

Qualified Master of Engineering

Location: Jordan/Amman