Biomedical Engineering in Tanzania

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Biomedical Engineering course in Tanzania is very new field of engineering branch. This course introduced in the year 2012, in this short span this field has shown great importance and its efficiency in the hospital its largest, including the private and the government of Tanzania and the students were received with respect when they went to great field.

And this course of biomedical engineering in Tanzania available at two colleges and they are (DIT) Daresalam Institute of Technology (DIT) and (ATC) Arusha Technical College (ACT) and all are colleges grasp owned by the government of Tanzania. The level of education offer in these two colleges is diploma and bachelor, bachelor course is available in ATC College only. Also this course of biomedical engineering in its own way of coming into colleges to drink it as it is for those who want to join the level of diploma must have parameters as required and determined by the department of education should be to pass four in science which is Biology, Physics, Mathematics and English at it from Form four when he would find this course to the level of diploma and those who want to get this course in bachelor level should have been out of form Six or have his diploma has biomedical or electrical ones he can find is this college bachelor in the ATC in the north of Tanzania. Many lecturers of this course are currently studying if they took masters in various universities outside Africa and this profession has not received a great awareness for students due to ignorance of their needs well and for our nation.