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The Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system for anatomy education and is being adopted by many of the world’s leading medical schools and institutions.

It has been featured in the TEDTalks Conference, PBS, Fuji TV, and numerous other journals for its innovative approach to anatomy presentation.

The operating table form factor combined with Anatomage’s renowned radiology software and clinical content separates the Anatomage Table from any other imaging system on the market.

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Anatomage Table is not replacement of CT & MRI as well as Cadevar dead Body. It is a equipment which can be used for Anatomy Education. It comes with lot of Clinical cases which are rare & will help student understand the complexity of such rare clinical cases. They will be able to correlate Clinical Images on the Table & carry out virtual dissection also.

It is developed in Collaboration with Stanford University, USA. It is also useful for Virtual Dissection of any virtual patient body before starting any complex surgeries. You can upload HR CT Images into server computer to create the Virtual patient body for further Pre-Surgery Guidance.

Credit: Kashyap Singal


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