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Any Interference that occurs in ECG during procedure means something difference from what Radiographer may expect.

🌹I prepared some tips to overcome from that interference

Is the gain control set too high? If so, check that Gain Control

💊Check the surrounding area for electrical devices (T.V., radio, small appliances
If possible, move them away from ECG location because signal generate by those device are always in compliance with ECG

💊Check with the hospital engineer to determine if there is concealed wiring in the walls of the room where the are monitor are using.

💊A fully shielded patient cable is recommended

💊Check to see if ungrounded electrical equipment is plugged into the same outlet

💊check all the electrodes if its securely attached to the patient? Check the proper skin prep performed

💊Check for patient cable and lead wire if damage Use a continuity tester.

💊Check lead wire cable electrode connections.

💊 Is a five-lead patient cable being used to monitor three leads? If so, the open receptacles should be plugged

💊the patient cold or nervous? Muscle tremors can also cause interference.

💊Check if the patient touching the metal or a nearby wall during monitoring.

Radio Frequency INTERFERENCE

📌Reduce excessive wire lengths. Longer wires can act as antennas for R.F. current* If long wires are used, coil the excess wire.
In this case when we speak of wires, they includes ,

📌Wires for Electrosurgical pens.
📌Patient cables
📌Lead wires
📌Cables for Electrosurgical grounding pads.
📌Check all wires for damage Wires must not run parallel to or cross over cables for the Electrosurgical generator it may resulted to capacitive coupling.

📌Wires must not touch a conductive surface.

📌 The monitor and Electrosurgical generator must be as far apart as possible.

📌Power levels for the Electrosurgical generator should be set at a reasonable level.

📌Spark gap electrosurgical generators can cause greater interference.

📌Use shielded lead wires and cables.

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