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The maintenance infusion pump
One, in order to prolong the service life of the infusion pump, andmaintain the stability of the infusion please according to the following note operation:
1, to prevent any solid particles from entering the pump body,because the dust or any other impurities will wear of plunger, a sealing ring, a cylinder body and a one-way valve, so it should be removed in advance any solid particle flow phase. The mobile phase is best in the glass container distillation, and commonly used method is to filter, can be used Millipore membrane (0.2umor 0.45um), filter. The pump entrance should be connected sand stick (or piece), filter infusion pump should be changed frequently.
2, the mobile phase should not contain any corrosive substances,containing a buffer in the mobile phase should not be retained in the pump, especially the pump stop overnight or longer case. If the containing buffer in the mobile phase at the pump, due to evaporation or leak, or even just because the solution of static,may be tiny crystals precipitated salts, these crystals as well asthe solid particles damage the sealing ring and the plunger.Therefore, must be pumped into the water fully after cleaning,then replaced the suitable for chromatographic columnpreservation and is conducive to the pump maintenance solvent(for reversed-phase bonded stationary phase, can be alcohol ormethanol and water).
3, infusion pump work carefully to prevent the solvent bottle inside the mobile phase used, otherwise the air pump operation is worn piston, sealing ring or cylinder, resulting in leakage.
4, the highest pressure infusion pump working pressure should not exceed the prescribed, or will the high pressure sealing ringdeformation, produce leakage.
5, the mobile phase should first degassing, lest produce bubblesin the pump, flow stability, if yell a lot of bubbles, the pump will not work.

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