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Session 10; LINAC System: Answers

1. LINAC is linear accelerator.

2. Used for external beam radiation treatments for patients with cancer. It is also used to treat all organs of the body.

3. A linear accelerator is a type of particle accelerator that greatly increases the kinetic energy of charged subatomic particles or ions by subjecting the charged particles to a series of oscillating electric potentials along a linear beamline.

7. Particels are able to reach high energies without any extreme voltages. It only targets the tumour without affecting the surrounding tissue.

8. It can cost anywhere from one million to three million dollars.

Nishita ghariwala
Gujarat, india.

1⃣LINEAR ACCELERATOR simply Called as LINAC. It is widely used on Oncology department.

2⃣It is used to give Radiation therapy to patient who are diagnosed with Tumor.

3⃣Microwaves are emitted from Magnetron. These are targeted over a diseased Tissue.

4⃣Other Radiation therapy procedures are : Intensity Modulated Radiation therapy (IMRT).
Image Guided Radiation therapy (IGRT)

Stereotactic Radio Surgery (SRS)

Stereotactic Body Radiation therapy (SBRT)


3D conformal Radiation therapy

5⃣Collimator, X-RAY target, gantry, electron Gun, magnetron

6⃣Check power supply before switching on the system, Make the patient to align accurately to target the tumor, Always respond to patient intercom.

7⃣Cancerous cells can be Completely killed.
Irradiation of the healthy tissue can be Completely avoided.

8⃣High dose of Radiation cause hair loss and other complications

1⃣1⃣Accuray Cyberknife.. just Explore to this.

M Praveen
Biomedical Engineering
Final Year
Vinayaka Mission’s University

Side effects of LINAC radiation depend on the area being treated, can include

mouth sores
dry mouth
sexual dysfunction
sore throat
trouble swallowing
urination difficulties

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