SKGK- Session – 13; Date: 17 April 2017; Topic: Oxygen Concentrator

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Hello All

Share Knowledge  Gain Knowledge – Session – 13

Date: 17 April 2017

Today’s Learning Topics is Oxygen Concentrator


1⃣ What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

2⃣ What is the importance of it?

3⃣ On what operating principle does the Oxygen Concentrator works on?

4⃣ What is the pressure swing adsorption process?

5⃣ Why is the pressure swing adsorption process useful?

6⃣ Name the contents of ambient air and their percentages

7⃣ Which adsorbent be attracts nitrogen more strongly?

8⃣ Name the parts that make up the construction of the oxygen concentrator.

9⃣ List the function of the named parts in 8

🔟 Supposing you discover that  there are low oxygen concentration and decreased gas flow, what would be the possible malfunction leading to these conditions?

Prepared by:
Nchimunya Simudumo
Evelyn Hone College
2nd Year
Lusaka, Zambia.


Points to remember while answering to these questions:

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