SKGK – Session 13 – Topic: Oxygen Concentrator (Answers)

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Oxygen concentrator- is a general bedside medical equipment that produces concentrated oxygen for patients in need i.e. Hypoxic patients.

 The medical device provides a reliable source of concentrated oxygen for patients requiring it.

 It works on the principle of pressure swing adsorption.

 Pressure swing adsorption- This is a process by which filtered pressurized ambient air is passed through adsorption beds(in zeolite canisters) in order for Nitrogen to be adsorbed by Zeolite (aluminiun silicate) hence the gas that is given out has high oxygen concentration(~95%). This gas is stored in the oxygen reserviour ready to be administered to patients at a prescribed rate. Different gases get attracted to different metal surfaces more or less strongly.
 It enables production of oxygen in oxygen concentrators.

Nitrogen 78%.

Oxygen 21%.
Trace gases 1%
Reservoir tank.
Flow meter (Rotameter).

Zeolite canisters – To produces concentrated oxygen.
– Compressor- draws ambient air and pressurizes it before passing it through the canisters.
– Fan-blows away heat from the machine.
– Reserviour tank-stores concentrated oxygen which is ready to be administerd to patients at a prescribed rate.
– Flow meter(Rotameter) -To measure the pressure of oxygen in the machine (standard pressure is 20 psi).

– Filters/valves/ tubings- Removes debris from ambient air and controls its direction of flow.

Zeolite canisters have reached their maximum adsorbing capacity. – Leakages and/or clogged/blocked filters/tubings.
Prepared by:
Jairos Muyaba.
Northern Technical College.
3rd Year.
Ndola, Zambia.

1. An oxygen concentrator
is a device which concentrates the oxygen from a gas supply to supply an oxygen-enriched gas stream.

3. It works on rapid pressure swing adsorption principle.

4. Pressure swing adsorption process is adsorption of atmospheric nitrogen onto zeolite minerals and then venting the nitrogen.

7. Porous zeolite adsorbs large amount of nitrogen.

8. Components used : denitrogen filter , sieve bed , pressure sensor , bacterial filter , oxygen purity sensor , flow meter , shock absorber , oxygen cylinder and intake noise filter.

9. Sieve bed – it trap and remove the nitrogen from the air that is drawn in the machine.
Bacterial filter – helps to protect the patient , the epuipment , and the breathing circuit from contamination.
Pressure sensor – measures the pressure , typically of gases or liquids.
Intake noise filter – used to generate as little noise as possible.

Nishita ghariwala , student.
Gujarat , india.

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