SKGK -Session 14 – Date: 18 April 2018 – Topic: Blood Pressure (Machine)

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Share Knowledge Gain Knowledge – Session – 14
Date: 18 April 2017
Today’s Learning Topic is Blood Pressure (BP) Apparatus

1⃣ What is a BP machine?

2⃣ What’s the other name for the BP machine?

3⃣ What are some of the diseases that can be diagnosed with a BP machine?

4⃣ What are the 3 types of BP machines?

5⃣ On what principle does the mercury BP machine operate?

6⃣ What’s the function of the stethoscope in non-invasive BP measurements?

7⃣ Define Pulse pressure.

8⃣ What is the normal range or average range BP?

9⃣ Emma is a well certified BMET; his BP machine gives a maximum pressure after inflation that slowly decreases at 5mmHg/minute. He thinks the device has a problem. What is the possible problem and how can he go about it?

🔟 What are the safety precautions when dealing with mercury BP machines?

Prepared By:
Makerere University,
Kampala Uganda

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