Biomedical Engineering in Yemen

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Medical engineering in Yemen is one of the most important disciplines in our present era. Through this specialization, the health system is well integrated in the country.

This specialty includes: Department of Medical Engineering & Medical Maintenance.

History of Medical Engineering in YEMEN:

In the 1990s, post-secondary students were sent abroad as scholarships abroad to study medical engineering. There was no such specialization in public universities. This specialization was officially opened by the government in only one college in 2005 at the Community College – Sana’a. (High Technical Diploma System – three years -).

Then the specialty of medical engineering was opened in private universities – three years diploma – and another four years Bachelor.

Currently, the teaching system has been developed on the governmental side of the community college – Sana’a, to the five-year bachelor’s level, and graduates from the government side can complete the educational process and obtain a master’s and doctorate degree in private universities.

The practical training of medical engineering for medical engineering students is now underway in some private companies in the country, as well as in some government hospitals contracted with some universities.

Author: Saddam Hussein Al Harthy