Share Knowledge Gain Knowledge: Session 12; Date 14 April 2017; Topic: Brain Computer Interface

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Share Knowledge  Gain Knowledge – Session – 12

Date: 14 April 2017

Today’s Learning Topics is Brain Computer Interface (BCI)


1⃣ What is the Brain computer interface (BCI) ?

2⃣ What is the applications of the BCI in medicine?

3⃣ talk about the history and the evaluation of BCI

4⃣ Talk about the role of EEG Signals. in BCI applications

5⃣ Name The Types of Brain Signals

6⃣ What is Magnetic and Metabolic Signals?

7⃣ talk about the Signal Acquisition in BCI

8⃣ what do we mean by Feature Extraction & Feature translation ?

9⃣ The operating protocol determines the interactive functioning of the BCI system How ?

🔟 Talk about one of the BCI Clinical Applications

Prepared by
Abubakr Abdalla
Biomedical Engineer

Points to remember while answering to these questions:

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