SKGK -Session 18 – Topic: Dental Unit – Date 24 April 2017 – (Answers)

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SKGK – Session 18 – Answers – Topic: Dental Unit

1⃣ The main equipment of the dental lab or unit is dental chair.

2⃣ The purpose of dental chair is to provide all the facilities such as cleaning , anaesthetic gas, different types of tools , X-ray attached at one place and comfort to the patient.

3⃣  A dental light is used for polymerization of resin based composites.

It is used for treating dental material.

It can be LED based lighting .

4⃣ The dental chair works on the principle of pneumatics or mechanics for one or the other hand pieces.

5⃣ 1. Hand hygiene and latex hypersensitivity.

2. Sterilization of unwrapped instrument.

3. Dental water quality concerns.

4. Contact dermatitis .

6⃣  A device as cone beam CT scanner is used for 3d images of teeth etc emits more radiation which can be hazardous.

pneumatics of the chair works properly or not.

The ultrasonic cleaning tube is working properly.

7⃣ 1. Foot/rheostat control located at the bottom of the chair.

2. Infection control control the pathogenic infection located on the handpiece of the chair.

3. Water control controls the flow of water present on the handpiece of the chair.

8⃣ Common problems ….

1. Physical strain .

2. No turning back.

3. Less lubrication. More friction.

4. Synthetic covers.

5. Accumulation of dust easily.

1. diagnosis
2. Prevention.
3. Treatment of the patient’s disorders related to oral cavity.

🔟  1. It hurts badly.

2. Sometimes if not controlled it may burns.

3. This dental curing light quickly start curing as soon as it falls on composites. So dentist have to excavated the composites and again start the process.

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1⃣ dental chair ,compressor, light cure, scalar, micromotor, dental x ray, suction, intra oral sensor, intra oral camera, opg, cbct

Dental lab: lab engine, compressor, suction, scanners, milling machine, shintiring, polisher etc

2⃣ for all dental treatments dental chairs are used such as, scaling, tooth cutting, tooth extraction, taking x ray, for rct, implant etc and for dental surgery.

3⃣ for seeing the proper view of the operating area.

4⃣ In a dental chair the updown and the forward backward of the chair are controlled by two DC motors named as up down motor and backrest motors and the air rotors air motors are worked with the help of air and water air is supplied by the compressor.

5⃣ proper cleaning of dental chair, suction unit, spitoon unit, oiling of air rotors, ups or servo stabilizer for preventing voltage fluctuations, use distillation water only in bottle.

6⃣ same as 5.

7⃣ of chair because of voltage fluctuations, air ,water leakage,suction chocked etc.

8⃣ basically three from delivery unit,assistant side,and from foot control.

9⃣ extraction,scaling,tooth cutting

🔟 bulb fuses,supply fuse problem, light adapter problem,sensor problem etc

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1) dental chair..

2)more comfortable treatment for patients by high speed  & low speed handpiece.

3) for classify problem inside of mouth.

4) cutting tooth by hand piece, use suction, clean mouth by 3 way syringe… All the equipment attached with chair & chair connected with compressor.

5) oil free compressor with filter.

6)use distille water for bottle, add filter for air & water connection.

7) air leakage  & water leakage .

8) up – down & forward – back control , tumbler spitun control, air & water control. All control on dentist element.

9) air rotor for cutting, suction, & 3 way syringe.

10) light intensity problem & switch problem. Defuse bulb , wire connection problem.

SKGK – Session 18 – Topic: Dental Unit – Answers

1. dental light
2. dental chair
3. dental treatment unit
4. operator chair
5. assistant chair..

Dental chairs are used by dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians to support and position their patients during examination, treatment or cleaning of their patient teeth.

1) The electrical distribution will be inspected and tested to insure that#
a. Voltage level is adequate.
b. Receptacle polarity is correct
c. Receptacle ground is present
d. Receptacle has mechanical integrity
2) Mechanical clearance between the dental chair and other instruments, apparatus and devices
3) Shelves, cabinets

The major hazard is mechanical and is present in all patientlifting, -moving, and –positioning, In addition, there is an electrical safety hazard: integrity of grounding, including controls, power cables, hydraulic system, backrest, footrest, armrest, pistons, seat.

Doctor’s Controls
Located on the back rest on the right side of the chair (viewed from the back)
(1) Uppermost switch  back adjustment
(2) Centre switch  seat adjustment
(3) Bottom switch  automatic operation to “exit”
Assistant’s Controls
Two switches on the assistant’s side (left) of the chair
(1) Same function as the doctor’s controls (except doctor’s bottom switch)
(2) The AUTO/MANUAL mode toggle switch under the chair. The doctor’s lowermost switch only operates if this toggle switch is set to AUTO.
Pedestal Controls
One foot switch at the rear of the chair that can be operated from either side: • forwards to raise, backwards to lower the chair

A dental treatment unit, is a utility outlet and standby tool for dentists which provides:
• Tools used by the dentist (drills, etc.)
• Delivery of water, air and suction to the patient
• The removal of expectorated waste (spit) and foreign matter from the patient’s mouth.

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