Share Knowledge Gain Knowledge; session 11; Date 12 April; Topic Incubator

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Share Knowledge  Gain Knowledge – Session – 11

Date: 12 April 2017

Today’s Learning Topics is Incubator

1⃣ What do you know about a baby incubator?

2⃣ What is the benefit of using a baby incubator?

3⃣ What are the types of incubators?

4⃣ what the main components of the baby incubator?

5⃣ what are the sensors used in the baby incubator (used in intensive care)?

6⃣ What do we mean by humidity in the baby incubator? How is it controlled?

7⃣ What are the common problems in the baby incubator?

8⃣ Is it possible to use a baby incubator to store samples in the laboratory section?

8⃣ What is the latest update to the incubator?

9⃣ Write additional information about the baby incubator if possible.

Eng. Biomedical
Saddam Hussein Al harthy


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